My thoughts and feelings at the end of #OITNB Season 3

Again, I started my blog journey a year ago. I started writing but never posted anything. Season 4 of Orange is the New Black is being released this Friday, June 17. Who’s excited?? Have you seen the trailer? I have to keep telling myself…I will not binge watch every episode this weekend. I will not binge watch every episode this weekend. I will not binge watch every episode this weekend…I think I lasted a week last year. But I want to make sure to enjoy it!

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit my thoughts after last season. Once I’m finished with season 4 I will share my thoughts. (But it will not be this weekend!)

Last year’s OITNB post:

This may be a little outdated. I wrote it a week after the season was premiered. I wanted to go slow this time, but still feel like I finished relatively quickly.
I finished this morning and I have a lot of thoughts/concerns.

  1. (And most importantly) Where the eff is Bennett?! So he left the baby crib on the side of the road and decided to leave Daya and his baby to fend for themselves with Cesear? I sure hope he shows up next season.
  2. Who was that getting electrocuted in a flash back towards the end? Boo? If so, that made no sense. The girls looked nothing like the Boo we saw in the flashback and I thought Boo lived in an upscale home with her parents.
  3. What’s about to happen to Alex?? Gah! She was right to be paranoid and I sensed something was coming when Lolly mentioned the new guard with the tooth pick.
  4. All the inmates just went to the lake to swim and no one escaped? Yea right! Those women are thirsty for freedom, not to just take a dip in the local lake.
  5. How does Healy still have a job? He is disrespectful to all inmates and female staff. How no one has reported him is beyond me.
  6. C’mon Caputo! Don’t sell out. PA-LEASE surprise me in the next season. I can’t believe that one awful motivational speech from Fig – who he hates – led him to take the promotion.
  7. I’m getting to understand and like Doggett a little better, but dang she got some chicken legs lol
  8. Piper, Piper, Piper…you are my least favorite by far. You are unloyal, selfish and ignorant. I’m sure your tattoo is going to get infected

I haven’t read the book, yet. I look forward to seeing how all these story lines play out or if we’re beyond where the book ends and the producers start taking liberties with it.

(Sounds like a book review might be coming up! 😉 )


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