WINC Review

I recently signed up for WINC – a personalized wine club. I’d heard about it for a while but just hadn’t signed up yet. I love trying new wines, although I always keep a bottle of my favorites around. I liked that they would suggest wines based on my pallet. When I got my last shipment from The Limited (tear! How can they be closing for good?! But, I digress) there was a promotional card in there for WINC. If I visited I could get half off my order, so, why not?! It was the perfect time to try it.

You start by putting in your mailing zip code to see if they deliver in your area. Next, you are asked six questions about coffee, salt, citrus, mushrooms, berries and how adventurous of an eater/drinker you are.

About a week later I received a cute little shipping box with four unique wines and a “WINC Journal” in it. Three reds, one white. I’ve tried three of the four I received and they are a little more bitter than I would like so I’ll need to update my profile – easy to do! The packaging kept the bottles secure inside the box so they wouldn’t shift or break.

The wines are relatively in-expensive – lowest is $13, highest is $35. If you purchase 12 bottles in one order you receive 10% off and if you rate 10 wines that you’ve received through WINC you get $10 off.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend, colleague or family member (remember December’s blog post?) you can send a gift card or gift box through WINC.

Overall, I really enjoyed having a new variety of wines delivered to my house and am looking forward to my next shipment. If you’re curious, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. If you use this link you’ll get a bottle of wine on WINC (a $13 bottle, sorry not a $35 bottle!)


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