Apple Fitness+ Review

In January, Apple launched their new workout platform Fitness+. I’ve worked out using the Nike Training App for years, (see this blog post) I was ready for something new. I wasn’t QUITE ready to pay for it, but Apple is giving everyone a free 30-day trial, so I thought – why not?

The platform has guided video workouts anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. This includes HIIT, Yoga, Core (10 minutes only), Strength, Treadmill, Cycling, Rowing, Dance and Mindful Cooldown (5 and 10 minutes only). The only workout type I haven’t tried thus far is Rowing, since we don’t have a rowing machine in the basement. Thankfully, we invested in a treadmill at an after Christmas sale in 2018 and a stationary bike and power rack in 2019 (you don’t need the power rack for any of the Fitness+ workouts). The HIIT, Yoga, Dance and Mindful Cooldown don’t require any equipment. For the strength workouts all you need is a mat and dumbbells. I typically use 10- or 15-pound weights.

Each workout is accompanied by a music playlist. You can pick the genre, and thankfully they are getting a little more variety in the songs that they have the rights to use. They have taken me BACK with some songs and also introduced me to some new artists.

My favorite parts…

  • I love the diversity in the training team (and of course the workouts). The training team is made up of people from a variety of different cultural, age and ability backgrounds. I appreciate the intentionality of that.
  • They release new workouts every Monday, so I haven’t repeated a workout yet!
  • I feel supported and connected in my workouts – No, if I saw my fav trainers (I’m looking at you Sherica, Tyrell or Batina) on the street they wouldn’t know who I am. But their positive affirmations and encouraging words have lifted me up on some of my lowest days.

A few wishes…

  • That the core and the strength had a few longer workouts. Core is only 10 minutes and Strength only goes up to 30 minutes.
  • That they would allow you to put together a schedule for the month or week. Right now I’m just adding workouts to the “my workouts” section to save for later.
  • I’ve only tried one of the treadmill workouts. It was very interval focused. I would love to see some runs where they guide and motivate you through the run – would be really helpful on some longer training runs.
  • I wish on the dance workouts that I could rewind – when I messed up in our last all out set and I wanted one more chance to do it with the team.

For those of you who already own an Apple Watch you can get a month free. If you purchase a new Apple watch you get three months free! After that it’s 9.99 per month or you can purchase a full year for a discounted rate of 79.99 (a savings of 3.33 per month or 39.89 per year when compared to the total per month membership). Let’s be real – that’s cheaper than some gym memberships.

I haven’t lost any weight – but the scale isn’t always the best measure for a body change. I could be gaining muscle. I am feeling more toned and just healthier and happier. Try it out! I highly recommend!


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