WINC Review

I recently signed up for WINC – a personalized wine club. I’d heard about it for a while but just hadn’t signed up yet. I love trying new wines, although I always keep a bottle of my favorites around. I liked that they would suggest wines based on my pallet. When I got my last shipment from The Limited (tear! How can they be closing for good?! But, I digress) there was a promotional card in there for WINC. If I visited I could get half off my order, so, why not?! It was the perfect time to try it.

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Must-Have Gifts For Your Wine-Loving Friend

The holiday season is upon us and many of you have already started shopping. If you are like me you have a friend, or a few friends, who love wine. It’s not hard to find wine themed gift ideas, they are everywhere! But if you’re having trouble narrowing down which of these wine themed presents to get, let me help.

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