Short Story #5 – The Candy Shop

This weeks prompt was “Your character is in a store full of candy machines that all seem normal, except for one. What is odd about it? Do they dare put a quarter in?” I tried to do more fantasy/dystopian this time. Not sure it 100% went that way…but enjoy!

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Short Story #4 – The Decision

This weeks’ prompt was: “Write a scene or a story in which a character is dealing with an approaching deadline – is it a personal or work deadline? What obstacles do they need to overcome to meet the deadline?” I had fun with this one. Tried to put myself back in my teen years and write from a non-adult perspective. I hope you enjoy!

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Firefly Lane Netflix Review

On Feb. 3 Netflix released Firefly Lane, based on a book by Kristin Hannah. I’m a purist when it comes to my favorite books emerging onto the screen. I loved the Firefly Lane book. Like sat in my room and cried, love. I have liked all the Kristin Hannah books. Although they are often so long I find myself begging her to get on with it about 75% of the way through! I REALLY wanted to love the show.

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Book Review: Becoming

I kicked off 2018 by finishing Claire McCaskill’s memoir Plenty Ladylike, so it’s only fitting to close out the year with another inspiring woman in politics – Michelle Obama. Her book, Becoming, was by no means a quick read for me. There was SO much going on, so much to think about and take in. I already knew Michelle was amazing, but this book shows how really, really amazing she is, but also how human she is. Continue reading