Short Story #2 – The Eldest and the Solider

Alright ya’ll! I attended my second writer’s group about a week and a half ago. The prompt was: A character does the opposite of what they are asked or told to do. Here’s the short story. Enjoy!

“Take them away!” The kings voice boomed “Their lies will not be tolerated in this kingdom and they will pay with their life.”

Declan knew it would be his responsibility to carry out the king’s order, but he wasn’t sure he could. The three children that stood before him now had entered the throne room earlier today. They remained to the side of the crowd until the very end. The oldest girl came forward. She had the king’s green eyes and his firey red hair. She explained her story. Their mother had fallen ill, just a few short months ago. Her health declined rapidly, and she lost her fight for her life two weeks ago. Without their mother the children had moved from alley to alley to sleep and survive but the oldest knew this was not sustainable. She pleaded with the king for some work, he was her father after all. The child couldn’t have known how that would infuriate the king.


He hadn’t realized the captain was talking to him. “Do it.”

Declan ushered the children out the door just to the left of the queen. Her face was impassive, cold as stone. There was no insinuation that the news shocked her or hurt her. 

He couldn’t do this. They were children for god sake. “Come on, hurry up.” He said to them, trying to keep his tone firm. Tears streamed down the eldest’s face. She had done the only thing she knew to do after her mother was gone, ask the king, her father, for his help. The other two clung to their sister but were too young to understand what was happening. He lowered his voice. “Please stop crying. I have a plan, but I need you to trust me.” The girl sucked in a breath and wiped at her face.


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