My Pandemic Experience

When asked on a Collective Trauma webinar in February to share my experience with the pandemic, I paused. Literally where do I start. And how do I condense it into just a few sentences to share in the zoom comment box? I couldn’t reduce it to just that. But I had to write it out – so fair warning tl/dr!

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My Unintentional Year of Personal Growth

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve moved twice since college. The first was a small college town in Central Illinois. I’ll admit I talk a lot of shit about that little town. No good mall – but lots of places to eat. Lots of growing families starting their lives and obnoxious college kids – not a lot of young unmarried professionals planning their career. Actually most of the young unmarried professionals I’ve known that are on the fast track in their career have moved somewhere else within 3-5 years of living there. It was somewhat diverse, but mostly white.

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