My Pandemic Experience

When asked on a Collective Trauma webinar in February to share my experience with the pandemic, I paused. Literally where do I start. And how do I condense it into just a few sentences to share in the zoom comment box? I couldn’t reduce it to just that. But I had to write it out – so fair warning tl/dr!

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You didn’t get the job…now what?

The dreaded email has arrived. You applied, got through the phone interview, killed the in-person interview, online personality test, whatever else and you were SURE you were getting it, right? Yep. I’ve been there too. It sucks. You invested emotionally in the process, you manifested this opportunity and you let yourself picture what it would be like to work there. I am so, so sorry. What do you do now? The next steps are important for you both personally and professionally. So here are some of my suggestions…

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