Strange Thoughts on Stranger Things

I finished Stranger Things Season 2 this weekend. There was so much hype surrounding this series and I’m not sure I fully get it. It’s an entertaining series, yes, but I didn’t think it was THAT great. There were actually quite a few things that really annoyed, confused or frustrated me.

  1. How are Eleven and the upside down connected? I get that they were both at the lab, and they were both created or studied by “papa”. But do they have some power over each other? Did one create the other? Can one destroy the other? We’ve seen how Eleven can wield her powers to close it off, but that’s not destroying it. It’s still out there waiting for the next time it can be let loose.
  2. Where are Eleven’s other “siblings”? So we met number Eight or Kali, but where is number ten, nine, seven or six? And they all have different powers? I also would have loved it if Eight came to help Eleven save her friends. I wonder what she knows about fighting the upside down. Also, how did she get out? What is her backstory? I want to know more.
  3. Why is Joyce the ONLY parent involved or interested? It annoyed me ALL season long that these kids just run free around town with no accountability for being safe or being responsible. I know I sound like a goody-two-shoes. But none of the parents are actually calling the parents of the friends to check in on their or see when they’ll be home. And when the kids DO call they are LYING, and these parents just take their word for it. Oh and don’t get me started on how they talk back to the other adults in the series.
  4. Billy. This kid. First off, why do his muscles look hella plastic? I know, I know, they probably are but DO BETTER NETFLIX! Second off, his interaction with Mrs. Wheeler made me super uncomfortable. Not only do I think she is likely to … you know … with him, but how he totally switches his personality and has her eating out of the palm of his hands. Sociopath much? He is also SO mean to Max. I get it they’re in a difficult situation with their parents moving them across the county, but could he stop and think for one second that maybe Max is feeling the same way he is?
  5. Papa. When they went to kill Ray, he said Papa was still alive. Curious. This seemed like a last ditch attempt to same his, and his daughters lives but I wondered how much truth there was to it. If he is, where is he hiding and will he come back? And now that they left Ray alive, will he lead Papa to Eight and Eleven? And why haven’t Eight or Eleven been able to track him down?
  6. A few other random notes…I don’t trust this new guy Sam Owens even if he did help Bob get out of the lab safe – almost. OMG Bob was my favorite! RIP. Anyway, maybe Sam knows where Papa is hiding. Who was Mama’s sister calling on the phone? I never trusted her either.

I look forward to seeing what next season brings, even tho the upside down is supposed to be done, dead, gone. I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to let it slither its way back into that very 80’s real-ish world.


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