I’m Back (forreal)

Whooooo shit – 2020. Damn. It was hard as hell. I’m sure you relate. I’ll tell you all about it. I promise.

I feel like I say this every year – I need to be better about writing. I think I’ve been waiting for creativity to hit me and THEN I’ll write. That I’ll somehow magically know how to say just the right thing, talk about the right thing, whatever. This year, I’m just going to write. 2020 was fucked. And I’m still struggling in 2021. I need a creative outlet, and I cannot let my socialized expectation of perfection continue to hold me back. So spoiler alert – I’m gonna be all over the place. I have some thoughts and I wanna let them out. I want to post once a week. I need to be writing every day. That’s the goal. I’m getting my own laptop. I’m going to stop using my work laptop for personal writings. (I know, I know, bad idea) Writers out there – what other suggestions do you have? How do you stay inspired? How do you keep yourself accountable?

Upcoming are a few posts – my pandemic experience, Firefly Lane review, a transplants grumblings about what locals just don’t understand, Apple’s Fitness+ review…that’s all I’ve got in the cue for now. Like I said, I’ll be all over the place. This isn’t gonna be pretty, but it’s gonna be me. Here we go!


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