Short Story #1 – Hidden Note

As part of my commitment to write more I’ve started attending a Writer’s Group at my local public library. I attended my first one a few weeks ago. We are given a prompt and then 20 minutes to write whatever we want about the prompt. I have no clue if this is any good, but for accountability I wanted to post it anyway.

Write a scene/story in which a character finds a hidden note. Where do they find the note and what does it say?

She scanned the room. Only one box left to haul out. How quickly the room becomes blank and removed of all the things that reminded you of your life, your life with the two of them and everything that was gone now.

She bent over to pick up the box. It had been there for so long the hardwood floors had faded around the edge. Mindlessly she grabbed the corners and turned to leave. But in the center of the faded square there was a note. Lined 8×11 paper folded in fours. Curious. She wondered how long this has been here.

She placed the box down and sat cross legged in the center of the room. The paper was brittle and old and as she unfolded it she could see the beautifully written script.

“I’m sorry,” the note started.

“Loss is never easy, but especially when its someone you’ve shared most of your life with. I think of you often. He was a good man. I hope he made you happy, after the years when I couldn’t. He will continue to watch over you and her. But if you ever need anything, let me know. I hate that I wasn’t there as she grew. It’s a regret I’ve carried for the rest of my life. I know nothing I can do will make it up to you, or her. But I am so thankful he stepped up, that he stepped in. And I’m so sorry he’s now gone.”


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